Commercial Interior Design Services

A commercial office or workspace doesn’t have to be boring to be functional. You can have both beauty and efficiency for your company or your home office.

In fact, an attractive and well-designed work environment can boost morale and productivity in many ways.

Office Space That Works Beautifully

At Karen Linder Interior Design, I use commercial interior design principles to create inspiring work spaces. Through the use of harmonizing colors, ergonomic furniture and effective use of space, I strive to make your company’s commercial space the best it can be.

With more than a decade of experience in commercial interior design in Portland, I know that listening closely to my clients is the surest way to success.

Once I understand your goals, I can offer solutions to make the space better. Whether you wish to remodel an office or have another goal in mind, I look forward to working with you to bring beauty and functionality to your company.

A Range of Smart Solutions

There are many avenues to improve your commercial space. At Karen Linder Interior Design, I consider many factors when thinking about a workspace, including:

  • Ergonomic Options – One of the keys to a pleasant office is to incorporate ergonomic design best practices. This could mean new furniture but it could also mean a more efficient layout of drawers, cabinets, and shelves.
  • Natural Light and Air Choices – Natural light makes just about everyone feel better. By expanding access to natural light and fresh air, we can make the office a more positive place to be.
  • Color Selection – Color matters and can have a profound effect on the mood of workers. That’s why it’s important to know which colors and shades promote concentration and relaxation, and which colors do the opposite.
  • Heating and Cooling Possibilities – Few things are more discouraging to a worker than having a dirty heating and cooling system, which degrades air quality. Fresh air has been shown to improve mental alertness.

Enhancements to the office can also be made with strategic use of plants and greenery, by allowing workers to personalize their space and by planning for organization. I have used many of these design principles to help create a positive and productive office space, whether it is in a commercial building or in a home.

A Knack for Collaboration

I believe one of my best traits as a commercial interior designer is my ability to listen carefully. I care intensely about the wishes and dreams of my clients.

Among my greatest joys is discovering what you wish to accomplish and then executing that vision to make it happen. My experience as a designer is not worth much if I don’t make you happy.

My knowledge of lighting, flooring, fixtures, color, furniture and more is all in the service of the client. Each project is different, so it is only by listening and asking questions that I can get to know what you want. I believe that there is a perfect solution to each design question; it is my mission to find it together with the client.

Get Commercial Interior Design Help

Call me at 503-515-4745 to get the commercial interior design process for your space started. I look forward to working with you to transform your office space.

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