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Outdoor Design Services

Your home’s exterior space should feel like additional living space, not another chore to groan your way through as you mow the grass. At Karen Linder Interior Designs, I can help give you an outdoor space design that’s useful, gorgeous and affordable.

Whether you want to cook, entertain guests or just enjoy a beautiful day, you can do it all with a bit of professional help and insight.

Outdoor Design Tips

Do you know exactly what you’d like to do with your outside space? Has your mind been flooded with outdoor design ideas lately? To get the most out of your remodeling project, it’s best to work with a committed expert like myself.

A few tips I’d like to offer to serve as a jumping off point include the following:

  • When thinking about decorating the exterior of your home, keep styling concepts consistent with what is inside. Relaxing on the couch to watch the sunset feels just as great outside as it does inside. I can tell you firsthand that some patio furniture pieces would look just as fantastic inside as they do outside.
  • If you don’t have much space outside your home, It’s best to implement the same color scheme outside as you have inside. That way, your entire design flows together into a cohesive unit. Patio furniture should be the same color and style as your living room furniture.
  • Rather than a minimal design outside your home, don’t be afraid to bring interior home decorations outside. For instance, bowls, candles, and cushions look great on your patio. Just make sure you bring them in when the forecast calls for rain or other inclement weather conditions.
  • LED lights make for a great addition to your outside space. Rather than lights that require an extension cord or electrical outlet, you’ll have plenty of solar-powered and battery-operated lighting options to choose from. You can easily see at night without worrying about tripping over a cord.

Your Style for Your Space

While I bring plenty of expertise in outdoor design in Portland to the table, you’ll be the one to use the space. For that reason, I encourage you to bear your lifestyle and design sensibilities in mind while creating your layout. For instance, if you don’t do a lot of entertaining, you may prefer your outside space be one created to relax, read and unwind.

You also have to decide if your design will be public or private. A private outdoor space should be rather uncluttered. With a public space, you can have sliding doors and walkways that make it quick and easy for you and guests to transition from the inside to the outside. Also, a more public exterior should have plenty of room for people to comfortably stretch out.

I also recommend thinking about including an overhead awning or screened-in outdoor design. That way, you don’t have to worry about the sun blinding and burning you or bothersome insects interrupting your relaxation.

Let’s Get Started

Reach out to me today to learn more about the elements of great outdoor design. I look forward to helping you bring your space to life!

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