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Bedroom Interior Design

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home because you start and end your day there.

If you’re interested in a new bedroom interior design, you’ll want to work with an experienced and dedicated professional like myself.

Bringing Out the Best in Your Bedroom Design

While there are plenty of DIY resources you can use, you and your bedroom are much better off leaving your bedroom interior design to a Portland professional.

Allow me to bring out the absolute best in your space.

Factors To Keep in Mind

To maximize the overall flow and aesthetic of your new bedroom, there are a few essential design factors you’ll want to keep in mind. Those factors include the following:

  • The layout of your design should focus on the Portland vista outside a window. Even if you don’t have an impressive view, being able to glance outside as you step into your bedroom can go a long way in putting you at ease.
  • To better preserve your privacy (and peace of mind) while in your bedroom, make it so it’s hard to get a full look inside the space from the hallway, family room or another public room.
  • When creating your layout, pay attention to where and how sound enters your bedroom. For instance, if you position your bed next to a wall on the other side of the living room or entertainment room, the noise can make it hard to sleep.
  • Provide your space (and yourself) with additional light and ventilation by locating your room at a corner of your home, if possible. The extra windows and the light and air they provide can do wonders for your mental health.

Common Bedroom Design Mistakes To Avoid

Just as there are points to bear in mind for the ideal bedroom interior design in Portland, there are blunders to make yourself aware of. While my clients may pull their ideas from model homes and magazines, I feel it’s a mistake to maintain a model look. A model bedroom can feel a bit too perfect, cold and uninviting. Look for ways to add hints of your personality with personal items, pillows and artwork on the walls.

If you have a small bedroom, don’t overdo it with color. Take inspiration from the walls and floors of the room to decide on complementary hues. To make that room feel bigger, add mirrors and furniture pieces that serve double-duty, such as pull-out drawers under your bed. 

Don’t be afraid to push your furniture up to the windows of your bedroom to maximize space. This is preferable to your bed swallowing space in the center of your bedroom, where it can feel cramped.

Your Satisfaction Is My Mission

Know that from the beginning to the end of your bedroom interior design project I’ll keep your style and desires in mind. My job is to point you in the right direction while you decide how we’ll get there. Additionally, I try my best to stick to your budget without compromising or sacrificing any aspect of your design.

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