Interior designs are always changing and styles can vary widely from one decade to the next, but when you select the design that best suits your aesthetic, it is always perfect. The best designs are here to stay, no matter what the current trendsetters have to say. Even master bedrooms go through fluctuations in style and there are so many ideas swirling around that it may be hard to decide. Lets explore some current trends!

Exaggerated Headboards

Reminiscent of the modernistic designs of the 1960’s, exaggerated headboards do so much at once. In one sense they are Spartan and without undue detail, but in another they are outsized and opulent. When they are integrated with fabrics or paint on the wall, the bed becomes an organic part of the room. In another ironic turn, the geometric design feels futuristic and cutting-edge. With a design as bold and forward thinking as this, your boudoir cannot help but be at the forefront of style and fashion for years to come.

Keep in mind that we can look at many variations on this general style. Not all headboards need to be as large as the one pictured here, and some have a cushioned cover to soften the sharp angles.

Organic Accents

If you’re looking to integrate more of an organic feel to your master bedroom, we can include plants and fabrics to soften an overall geometric, Spartan style. While some love purely geometric styles, others like to bring elements natural world into the mix, including textural fabrics, organic designs, and earth tones.

Rustic Design

Some prefer to go for a more country feeling, even in the middle of the city. Nowadays, homeowners are using copper and other metals to accent their bedrooms. A custom headboard that features wrought iron or copper highlights are sure to please. Reclaimed wood can add an eclectic flair, too. For instance, you might find a series of old hardwood doors to mount on a frame for use as a headboard. Earth tones dominate the rustic bedroom and houseplants are always welcome, as are arrangements of dried flowers or a small organic sculpture. Set off the ensemble with a homemade quilt and you have the perfect cozy bedroom.

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