What would be better than having a custom-designed furniture set in your home? You could create sofas and chairs to specifically match your needs and aesthetics. When you create custom furniture from your own design, you eliminate a lot of shopping around to find the pieces that suit every specification you have. Rather, you can define every single detail down to the exact fabric for the upholstery and to-the-inch measurements of the leg height, seat depth, and angle of recline.


First, you will want to start your design by considering the dimensions you need for the piece. This may be determined by the room in which it will sit, a specific body type, or the other furniture in the room. You want your furniture to fit the room for which it is intended, so take precise measurements of the entire room. Consider the available wall space, if you intend the piece to go flush to the wall, or calculate the total square footage of the room. Use these calculations to create a scale drawing of the space. If you are designing for a specific person, take precise measurements of their leg and torso lengths. A total height measurement is important too because everyone is proportioned differently, so precise measures are needed. If the piece is joining others, use their measurements to figure out the available space in your room.

Aesthetics and Style

Once you have determined the relevant proportions, continue the design process with a consideration of aesthetics. Do you desire a modern design, classical, or something of your own invention? To get an idea of what you want, you will want to study up on furniture design with an array of furniture and design magazines. If you are working with a design expert, they will have examples to help you in the process. If the piece is joining a set, make sure the new piece will fit with the others. For instance, if you have a room full of Louis XIV furniture, you might want to consider including a sleek, contemporary leather sofa. Follow your instincts and consult with a custom furniture expert on these matters of interior design.


While you’ve probably been considering fabric and color all along, now it’s time to look at the sort of upholstery you want for the custom piece. Take into consideration the bigger picture of the interior design, and seek to fit your new furniture into that scheme. Look at the lighting in the room. Do you want the piece to glow in the afternoon light when it faces your double French doors, or would you rather it be a bit more subdued? Keep in mind that the piece may fade over time and that a cover might be needed to protect it. Again, try to make your custom furniture fit the overall design in the room.

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