The biggest, most beautiful places in the world most likely had equally great plans for building them. The magic behind interior design lies in the raw creativity and collaboration between the designer and client. But without resources for bringing those ideas to life, they’re utterly useless.

Many interior designers solely focus on the product. At Karen Linder Interior Designs, we wholeheartedly believe in providing strong project management as well. But what exactly goes into the interior design project management process? In this post, we’ll walk through why it’s so crucial. We’ll also describe how we use it to create the best projects possible.


What is interior design project management?

In short, interior design project managers work directly with the client, designer, contractors, and all vendors to ensure projects are completed within budget and on time.

Some interior designers are well-trained in project management and can efficiently handle the process themselves (which is what we do here at Karen Linder Interior Designs). This allows the designer to speak directly with each party to make sure no detail is forgotten.

Other interior design companies hire a dedicated project manager, which allows the designer to solely focus on creating the project. Interior design project management systems can also automate communication and allow clients to see status updates on their own.

Incorporating project management into the interior design process yields many advantages, the biggest of which include:


Saving time & money

Interior designers are often highly creative and bold thinking. This doesn’t always entail projects that are easily achievable or timely, which can end up costing you more than you expected.

Good project management allows time for the designer and client to be as creative as they like. This ensures that their abstract ideas are turned into concrete plans. Objectives are then set and observed throughout the project, which saves enormous costs of extra labor time.

But arguably most importantly, with a clear plan, you’ll know exactly when you can enjoy your new kitchen, bathroom, or entire home!


Improving Communication

We completely understand how nerve-racking the interior design process can be for our clients. After all, it’s your home – and you want to love your new design forever.

Interior design project management establishes that clients receive frequent status updates and know exactly how to communicate with the designer. We commit to full transparency each step of the way so that no surprises catch you off guard.

It’s also common for changes to occur during the process. Clear communication ensures that you know exactly what is happening and how it will affect your entire project.


Creating better quality projects

A talented interior designer and a motivated client can dream up gorgeous ideas. The undeniable fact, however, is that everything requires money. And often, time is the cost that can get out of control.

If you’re on a strict budget, these time inefficiencies can eat up enough money that the quality of your project can suffer. Because we at Karen Linder Interior Designs pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our work, we rely on project management to set reachable time frames.

With clear communication between our vendors, we can also make certain that we reach the best deals without compromise.


Making you, the client, happier

Planning, structure, time frames, communication, etc. isn’t always just about the final outcome. Redesigning your kitchen, bathroom, or entire home is an exciting experience that we want you truly enjoy.

Our homes are a big piece of our lives, and investing into them is a meaningful journey. Not only will your input in each step of the process produce a better result, but it’ll be one that you can say you had a hand in producing. We may be biased, but there’s hardly a greater feeling in the world.


Project management can make all the difference in designing your dream home. Our interior design projects reflect our commitment to quality planning and design. Have more questions about our process? Contact Karen Linder Interior Designs for a consultation!