Ready to transform the look and feel of your home? DIY interior decorating can be intimidating when starting out, but with these 8 tips, you’ll be redesigning and gaining inspiration in no time.

 1. Start by prearranging your decor

Move the sofa and chairs around to make sure the overall arrangement is optimum. Ensure that there is enough space for movement, but not too much to make the room feel hollow.

2. Find the focal point of your room

Identify the most interesting feature in the room; the fireplace, large window with a view, a piece of artwork, or the entertainment center. Then consider designing around that focal point.

3. Balance out the furniture in your space

If you find a perfect spot for the sofa or chair, balance it with a table, lamp, artwork or accessory. Then see if there is a similar piece that will look good on the opposite side of the room.

4. Take the time to live in your arrangements (and then change them)

After you have re-arranged your furnishings, take some time to live with the arrangement before deciding your next move.

5. ”Try it” before you buy it

Take a photo of any new furniture pieces you are considering buying and place it in the room, spend a few days imagining how it will look with everything else in the space.

6. Think twice before you buy a set

Don’t just opt for a set and call it a day. Designs look much more natural when you bring pieces together!

7. Respect your home’s architectural design

The decor needs to respect the overall architecture of your home. If your home is modern, for example, it’s much simpler to seek out sleek furniture than it is to try to make a Tuscan couch work.

8. Pay attention to your lighting

Without good lighting, your designs will unfortunately struggle. Make sure you have adequate lighting, which includes ambient, task, and accent.

Final Note

Enjoy the process and do not be in a hurry! Design processes take time, but are always worth the investment.


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