Whether you’re planning a remodel or just looking to spruce up your home, never overlook the dining room! Here are a few dining room color ideas that will help define the space and create an ambiance for any social situation you want to encourage, from formal to casual.

An Elegant and Formal Dining Room

Choose colors that are rich and deep. Bronze or chocolate, navy, deep plum or aubergine, pewter, or deep grays work especially well. This palette creates an intimate dining experience that will stimulate conversation and engage your family and friends around the dining table.

Paint the ceiling the same color or an accent to match the walls. Explore adding crown molding or a coffered ceiling. And don’t forget the chandelier; go big, go bold, let it sparkle and shine with lights and crystals. Creative lighting will add to the elegance and ambiance of your room.

Dining Room Colors:

Bronze or chocolate, navy, deep plum or aubergine, pewter or deep gray


A Calm and Casual Dining Room

Looking to create a calming dining room that stimulates conversation and appetites? Think about choosing a shade of lighter blue. Go with an aqua tone or a mid-range sky blue that has some muted gray tones. Greens are great too; choose between sage, pistachio, or celadon. You might also opt for a warm light gray with a taupe tone or go with a buttery cream, sandy beige, or alabaster.

With lighter colors on the walls, go for a deeper shade of the same color on the ceiling. Use a crown molding or, if you have tray ceilings, experiment with painting within the outline of the ceiling. These colors all create a calming and inviting dining room space. And again, don’t forget the chandelier; lighting, lighting, lighting adds and creates the conversation flow of friends and family dining together!

Dining Room Colors:

Shades of lighter blue, muted or warm grays, mellow greens, taupe, beige


A Bold Dining Room

For a bold dining room, choose a color with high contrast. Consider painting the walls a deep charcoal or black and use a high gloss white on the baseboards, window trim, door, and frames. Use the same high gloss white on crown molding and paint the ceiling charcoal or black with a large pendant chandelier with a white shade.

Feeling extra bold? Opt for a deep orange, pumpkin, clay, apricot, or sienna wall color to create a dramatic and chic dining room. Turquoise or deep hot pinks are stunning accents that give a nice compliment to the boldness of the orange. Use a whimsical chandelier to add to the playfulness of the dining room. Look at a light fixture that might represent a sunburst or round sphere.

Dining Room Colors:

Deep charcoal, black, glossy white, deep orange, pumpkin, clay, apricot, sienna; accent colors include turquoise and deep hot pink


A final note: when exploring dining room color ideas, choose one that works with the adjacent rooms in your home. You can still go darker, lighter or bold -just make sure it flows nicely with your kitchen, living room, family room, office, or hallway. Need more inspiration? Check out our portfolio or contact us for a consultation.