Perhaps your home is looking good: it’s been refurbished and all your friends love it. However, you might want to spruce it up a bit, or maybe a lot, but you don’t quite know where to start. For those looking for a quick boost, here are some simple home decor ideas for a polished home. You’ll find that sometimes you don’t need to do very much to get that finished look.

Keep Your Palette Color Simple

A simple color palette is the soul of a polished home. It may be tempting to go overboard with your use of colors. We get it — it can be difficult to cut out a color or two, especially when the color palette is amazing. Colors are exciting, especially for design! But you don’t want the colors on your walls to overpower the room as a whole. For a more refined look, stick to more subdued colors on walls and use pops of color in accents within your rooms.

Hide Your Home’s Storage

We all have cherished items in our homes, many of which are on display. From pictures and candles to small knick knacks, trophies, and other keepsakes, things can become very cluttered in a short amount of time! While all our items have a special place in our hearts, clutter does not make a refined home.

Rather than displaying everything at once, go for a polished casual look by featuring your most cherished items and storing the rest. You can change items out each season, keeping visible items to a minimum. If you want your things close by, store them in closed-door cabinets in the same room. Closed door cabinets help hide clutter, and they also act as great accent pieces in any room.

Create More Height In Your Rooms

High ceilings are a real treat in any home, yet not every property has the luxury of lofty ceilings. You can create the illusion of more height, and a more sophisticated home decor, with a few simple tricks. Hanging mirrors can create the facade of a more open space, and hanging them vertically will help make walls look more elongated and ceilings will look higher. A similar rule applies to patterned drapery: look for fabric designs with a vertical design.

Hanging light fixtures also gives the illusion of height. One more trick that can help add height to low ceilings is by adding Crown Moulding around doorways, windows and on the walls. The moulding can help create an illusion of height.

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