As our children grow, so do their tastes. Once they edge into the teen years, their childhood bedrooms become a point of embarrassment. The room’s old décor may even feel a bit regressive to them and not suitable for a teen. They need to move on and branch out into new bedroom ideas. When that time comes, you will need to help them update and redesign their rooms to suit their budding maturity. Keep reading to pick up 5 tips for changing a kid’s room into a teen room.

1. Furniture. Your child’s room may still be furnished with items that need to be updated. The sizes and colors from their childhood need to be changed out. Check to see if, for instance, their dresser is still functional for them. If the piece is still up to its task, you might consider refinishing or repainting it. Alternatively, you may need to replace pieces altogether. Be certain that you and your teen collaborate on this process. After all, the idea is to help bring them into adulthood.

2. Walls. If you are seeking to welcome a new era in your child’s life, teenager-hood, everything needs to change. That includes repainting or wallpapering the walls of their bedroom. Select the colors that excite them the most, and enhance the look with a dynamic trim. Work with them to make this decision, because it is their room, after all.

3. Teen Décor. You may remember teens from your era who were constantly changing their likes, beliefs, and aesthetics. Your teen may be no different. So, try to steer your teen towards a general blank canvas aesthetic on which they can dress up with an ever-changing array of posters, pictures, and other adornments which only they can dream up.

4. Dress it Up. Once you have a new bed, dresser, desk, and a fresh coat of paint, adorn the room with details. Choose drapes and bedspreads that reflect your teen’s aesthetic. Look for comforters that are double-sided so that they can adjust their aesthetic to match their mood. You might leave room for creativity by painting a part of the wall with chalkboard paint. Your teen can use the chalkboard for drawing, or as a convenient place for a to-do list – maybe both?

5. Get original. So often, teens wish to assert their individuality. So, let them explore their budding autonomy through their bedroom design. For the room’s fixtures, you might suggest they browse second-hand stores or unique boutiques in town. Sites such as Etsy may have the perfect artisanal lampshade or ceiling light cover. Unique artwork is also available all over the Internet. If they have more of an artistic bent, you could suggest painting the glass on their window, or shower door.

Still feel like you need help? Contact us today, we will help you create the perfect room for your teenager.